We Provide the Highest Quality REO Property Preservation Services In The Mortgage Field Services Industry.

When you need to get your property quickly into conveyance condition, contact United Field Services, Inc. and leverage our highly qualified vendor network of professionals for quick turnaround times and results. We work with servicers throughout the United States and its territories to guarantee that the properties we are responsible for are maintained and preserved in a way that exceeds industry standards and is in compliance with the regulatory guidelines for the loan type. Another area of interest and concern is that the property is treated in compliance with any current legislation in the area. Our nationwide network of trained and vetted vendors work to remove any debris, secure the property, winterize, and conduct regular maintenance of the lawn and surrounding areas when necessary. This is to ensure every property is kept secure, free of debris, and well maintained inside and out.

Since we already have a trained and trusted vendor network in place, the timing couldn’t be easier. The number of organizations that we work with on a national basis means that we always have just the right person to provide the property service that you need – from restoration and maintenance to inspections and appraisals. Our teams can also maintain the property during these processes by securing and providing lawn maintenance.

All of our vendors are kept up to date on regulatory requirements based on different loan types on a regular basis.

Our Property Preservation Services
& Solutions Include: